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As local contractors offering roofing repair services in San Ramon, CA we have seen extreme warm weather and storms cause roof damage in all types of homes. Knowing how these types of weather condition can cause your home to be unsafe is why we are known as a top local roofing contractor. Unfortunately, a lot of people wait until there is a major leak to call us. This often leads to re-roofs as normal roofing maintenance was not performed throughout the year.

Is your county affected by Title 24?

As a San Ramon, CA residents you may or may not have heard of Title 24 and why it's important. The quick answer is that it's an initiative reducing the energy that negatively impacts the environment. Bay Valley meets and exceeds all Title 24 Roofing Repair Requirements, so you will be in good hands. We have many styles and budget options to get your job done

You may think of Bay Valley Contractors as just San Ramon Roofers, BUT we also do room remodeling. What better way to gain space, but to convert an unfinished basement to usable space. We have worked on many kitchen, baths and basement upgrades and can help you with your remodeling needs.

When you are looking for professional roofing services, be sure to choose a local, licensed roofers with a proven track record. We hope you would choose Bay Valley Contractorsfor all your roofing, Remodeling and Skylights jobs.

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